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Our Clients

We’ve spent 20 years simplifying HR management

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HR Caddy brings a wealth of expertise to guide and elevate your business, providing tailored Human Resource solutions that stand as a testament to our proven track record in navigating and optimizing the complexities of workforce management. Birmingham based HR Support services with clients around the UK so no matter where you are based, from Birmingham, to Staffordshire, to Manchester, we can help provide your HR Consultancy.

We’re pragmatic and commercial

It’s your business so we’ll never tell you how to run it. But we’re a small business too, so we understand the challenges

We’re direct and brutally honest

You need answers quickly so we’ll always give it to you straight. And it’s amazing how many uncomfortable or confrontational conversations can be resolved with a big dollop of honesty.

We take action

We know the law and we have experience in public, private, small, medium and large companies. Which means we can assess and act swiftly to get stuff done.

Done-for-you, sort-it-out HR for uncomfortable situations.
We’ll help you get the power back so you feel more in control.

HR support and advice Commercially focused HR support and advice on tap. We’ll mop up your messes (minus the judgement) and help you make confident decisions.

Complex HR issues and investigations Done-for-you, sort-it-out HR for uncomfortable situations. We’ll help you get the power back so you feel more in control.

What we don’t do
(because that’s just as important as what we do)

We won’t tell you what you want to hear – we prefer to be brutally honest so everyone knows where they stand.

We never say “You can’t do that” – we’re simply here to explain the risks.

We don’t pretend HR is black and white – there’s no such thing as a HR rule book; just experience and open conversations.

We don’t have faceless call centres (sorry about that) – we get stuck in and act as an extension of your team, but we make our own coffee.

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Best quality end to end HR services

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HR Essentials

We can guide you through the process of looking at your current workforce needs now and in the future.

Absence Management

We're skilled in guiding with common short-term absences or aiding prolonged absence due to underlying health issues.


HR Caddy offers Payroll services via partners, reducing costs, risks, and increasing efficiency.

Occupational Health

You'll require Occupational Health services, involving individual assessments or health surveillance for your workforce, facilitated by HR Caddy.

HR Software

HR Caddy offers HR software for workforce management. As non-developers, we sought a partner understanding SME needs for simplicity.

Disciplinary Hearings

While you may have your HR needs generally met, complex cases can occasionally lead to a shortage of HR staff available for hearings and appeals.

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